I was born to teach, write and help leaders and their teams reach their potential. My life’s purpose is to to open a door for people to step into the greatness for which they were created.

LindaBioPicI am a consultant/executive coach/trainer/curriculum developer for the Leadership Transformation Group (LTG), LLC (1997 to present) and I also contract independently as Linda Johnson Leadership (LJL). My 2015-6 projects include – through LTG : Executive coaching and team building for The City of New York Administration for Children’s Services and NYC Department of Probation; Focus groups and Facilitation for the Gouverneur Health Center, HHC; and through LJL: Senior Leadership Facilitation for Care for the Homeless, Inc..

I began my career in the ’70s as a Social Psychology graduate (Queens College, Honors) wanting the change the world.  My husband and I met and fell in love in the 70s as campus activists and community organizers. I spent decades working for in a variety of non-profit organizations, frequently finding myself on the cutting edge of both client, organizational and community transformation. For four years I co-hosted a radio program themed around prominent women of color, “Sojourner’s Journal”, including journalists, activists and government officials.

Since 1991 my focus has been on helping leaders and their teams “change the world” by changing how they do business.  This encompasses executives,  management teams and emerging leaders in private agencies, non-profits and municipalities.

My life is filled in my roles as wife, mom, grandma and daughter. I’ve just discovered the joys of kite flying and want to return to my first love, dance!  Soar with me. 

Courage (1)Why NOT be great?

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