What Size is Your Leadership – Part 1- The Kayak

The Kayak Many years ago, a certain candidate – the former mayor of a small town – was tapped as a vice-presidential running mate for a popular senator’s bid for president. It soon became clear that she lacked the depth of experience or breadth of knowledge to make it through a press conference without major […]

“Salute the Rank -Not the Wo/Man “

Leadership Lessons from HBO series Band of Brothers – Part 2 Preview(opens in a new tab) Captain Sobol refuses to salute Major Dick Winters, who used to be his subordinate. What is your reaction when you must work with a boss who you know is a lowdown, dirty, unprincipled, canine? (I would never call a […]

When the Leader Taps Out

Whether due to ineptitude, slothfulness, fear, or willful neglect, many leaders go missing at critical junctures.

The Charisma Trap

Teacher: Describe the qualities of a leader Classmate raises hand: “Oooo oooo pick me!” “Yes?” “They’re tall, athletic build, dress nicely, good looking. Usually male, could be female, white..” “That’s all external. What about internal characteristics? The other classmate raises hand “They are charismatic!” “Now that’s the answer I was looking for. Well done” Pretty […]

Diving In – (Just Jump, part 2)

My very first post in 2014, Just Jump, I detailed my experience facing one of my fears as a 50+year- old: Jumping off a 3 meter diving board. I said jumping. Feet first, not diving. It took me till about 50 to even jump off of a low diving board. Yes, I could swim, but […]

Helicopter Managers

Next to abusiveness, micromanaging is a top morale crusher Dahlia oversees the information systems department of a mid-sized IT consulting firm. She has been on the job for 15 years, earning many commendations and merit increases which reflect her work ethic and competence. Three years ago a new level of management was created as a go-between […]

The 7 Worst Ways to fire Anybody

Letting an employee go is one of the trickiest key tasks of a manager. It is part of management and accountability. It’s never the thing we were looking forward to doing when taking over a department or becoming the big boss. Yet it’s  necessary to, as Jim Collins would put it, get the right people ON […]

Is Chaotic Leadership really “a thing”? The

The headlines are full of judgments against our current Commander-in-Chief as running a chaotic administration, leading by instinct, and other unflattering terms to describe his management style. Mr. Trump’s response is that, aside from everything being “fine”, he likes being unpredictable, thinks conflict is good, and that he “gets a lot of things done”. But […]

Want to be Great? Let your team members soar

Sid Daniels is an assistant Vice President for a company that employs 7,000 people nationwide. He has two veteran deputies below him who have proved their competence over a decade of service, providing IT solutions to local businesses as well as internally. Yet Sid, while using his deputies to cover for him in explaining technical information at board […]

Facing off with your Passive-Aggressive Managers

You might be a C-Suite level boss with many managers below you. Many in your management pool may carry over their personal dysfunctions into their work life. Truly, “Who you are is how you lead”.