Dear Toxic Boss: I’m talking to YOU

All of us have seen them. Some of us have worked for them. Some of us have been them. You know ” them” : the screamer; the humiliator; the total dominator; the letch (male or female); the misogynist; the man-hater; the racist; the narcissist; the incompetent; the ostracizer; the blamer…need I go on? You’re probably reading this because […]

A Tiger in the Forest – Taming Your Team-Busting Employee

Thomas Friedman in  Friedman’s Fables tells the tale of “The Friendly Forest” , a place where all of the animals live happily together until a new neighbor, a ferocious tiger, moves in. The very presence of the tiger disrupts the calm, peaceful atmosphere, especially for the lamb that seems to be the object of the Tiger’s […]

The Shift – (cont’d) Surviving Your Transition to the Top

IT’s lonely at the top. If I could summarize one key point in surviving a major promotion it would be this: To Thine Own Self Be True.  Those people who have a solid, humble sense of self before the transition usually don’t go off the deep end even when such a radical shift occurs. Warren Buffet is […]

The Contemplative Leader

The unexamined life is not worth living. – Plato In  management there is a bias towards action, and necessarily so. Managers get things done through people and they manage production, output, outcomes, and systems. The last expectation we have of a manager or executive leader is that they spend hours, or even a whole day per week thinking and reflecting […]

Leadership Lessons from “The Dog Whisperer” – Part 2

This is part two of my series on leadership lessons from watching the Dog Whisperer  TV show  (His new show is called “Leader of the Pack”). As Cesar Millan says, “I rehabilitate dogs but I train people”.  Your team needs your “Calm Assertive Energy” The number one personality type of the most hated bosses (and […]