Program Offerings and Client List

Core Offerings

·         Training Program Development

Upon assessing an organization’s  needs I design appropriate capacity- building interventions

Instructional Design

Create trainer and participant workbooks; train the trainer, and power point presentations

·         Leadership Coaching

Work one-on-one process with C-suite and other high level executives to collaboratively set and achieve self-identified long or short term professional and/or personal goals.

·         Diversity- Cultural Competency Consultant

Do presentations, keynote speaking, coaching and training to INCREASE cultural intelligence and competencies in diverse work environments or environments that wish to increase cross cultural collaboration. This includes gender and generational barriers.

·         Management /Supervisory Skills

Help front line supervisors to upper management master core competency skills, interventions and problem solving.

·         Communications Dynamics

Giving and receiving feedback, cross cultural communications, conflict resolution

·         Optimizing Team Performance

Assess team strengths and weaknesses and, using the latest and best resources, work with executive teams to overcome challenges and become high performing

·         Emotionally Healthy Leadership  Skills Facilitation (*certified)

Help church and other organizations learn skills to “rewire” their org culture’s DNA to replace dysfunctional patterns with healthy, more effective ways to relate.


·         Women’s Leadership Mentoring

Provide coaching and mentoring for women who are emerging and established leaders in their field through one on one sessions and/or leadership summits, keynotes and retreats

Scores of organizations have trusted me over the years to provide top quality equipping for their management staff and leadership teams including:

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