Executive Coaching

I partner with high level professionals to help you goals to enhance your personal and professional leadership ability, marketbility, get a better work-life balance and grow in self awareness.coaching

If you are an organizational leader who feels stuck or stymied in a current professional role, is in transition into a new position or out of a longstanding position, or if you simply want to function at your maximum leadership potential, I would love to stand with you and  COACH you through it.

The process: ♦A.I.D.E.♦


Identifying Goals (i.e. improve publis speaking, become assertive in conflict, manage a team through crisis, self care)

Areas to Prioritize/issues of focus

Develop a personalized action plan – including milestones, exercises and challenges to be carried out during the coaching period

Execute the Plan and Evaluate progress together as I coach you through your goal achievement, refine and regroup, modify and do it again for each goal.


What do I bring to the table? (See my C.V. and bio)


Consultations in person (in New York City or Long Island for initial consult)

or by phone, by Skype, Hangout anywhere in the world.


Ramp-up – 3 month starter for those who need a jump start to getun-stuck or have very specific, short term needs

Go-Get ’em – 6 to 9 month packages

Mastermind Group – Women ony 10 month program for leaders in business or ministry.  Includes monthly group seminars on relevant leadership development topics, one on one coaching, conference calls and webinars. Ministry-focused Master Mind groups can be held for your church, by denomination, interdenominationally or geographically.

All coaching packages include – two 50 minute coaching sessions per month; 15 minute check-in once a month as needed; unlimited emails with responses within 24 hours. Also included, access to monthly webinars and new tools and products.startGETTING STARTED:

Initial consultation or executive briefing FREE! Reasonable packages available.  Fees are industry-competitive. Please inquire by email.

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