Sample Program Outlines


Squashing Fear-based leadership tendencies

Building your Leadership pipeline

The Best  Leadership Style and Strength Assessments

Adaptive leadership

Level 5 Leadership


Team Rescue

Diagnosing team Stages, Processes and Fixing Dysfunctions

Synergistic team problem solving

Caging the tiger: Handling problem team members

Courageous Leadership

Courageous conflict that creates forward momentum

Diverse workplace

Changing Organizational Culture

Dead-beat employees: To Prop or Drop?

Cultural Competence

What you must know and what you must do to soar in today’s diverse workplace

No more excuses; Myth and facts about diversity at work

Raising your team’s cultural intelligence

Emotionally Healthy Leadership Skills

Community Temperature Reading

“Interrogating Reality” (Based on Susan Scott’s work)

Clean fighting

Fierce conversations (Ladder of Integrity)

Setting Expectations

Surfacing Assumptions


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