Elizabeth Laboy President, Leadership Transformation Group

“Linda is a Master Trainer and Curriculum Developer” “Linda Johnson exemplifies excellence, devotion and dedication to her craft. The curriculum she authors comes alive in her training classes, engaging and transforming her participants.” Our company has trained over 8,000 executives, managers, and supervisors on management skills and leadership skills and Ms. Johnson has been one of our master trainers who have made a difference in our company.

Althea Wynn Dean of Programs and Academic Affairs
Ultimate Medical Academy, Inc., Tampa, Florid

Linda facilitated many difficult but timely discussions on Black Lives Matter. Ultimate medical Academy began partnering with Linda last year during the civil and racial unrest in our Country and her presentation addressed the topics that could often be uncomfortable to discuss, yet she went head on into unchartered waters and the response from our employees were well received.

Dr. Steve Burghardt Professor, International Consultant on Race relations, Hunter School of Social Work,

“Diversity-Equity-Inclusion is her strong suit” If your organization seeks an executive coach, consultant, or trainer to enhance your mission, develop your staff, or thoroughly and creatively advance your strategic planning, Linda Johnson is hands down for you. Her ability to effortlessly attend to DEI issues by weaving them throughout each agency initiative make such efforts sustained over time that create a lasting impact on staff, community members and Board as well

Tanna B VP Risk Management

I had the fortune of connecting with Linda several months ago for executive coaching to support my working through a major professional decision. I have had executive coaches previously, so the coaching process wasn’t new for me. What was different for me is Linda’s ability to quickly draw out powerful insights that get to the heart of the matter. Her superpower as an executive coach is listening warmly, supportively and intently to help me uncover what is most important to me. I felt advocated for, deeply understood and appropriately challenged to think and take action in new ways. I’ll be coming back for more!

Nina Blackshear, Esq. Senior Counsel, Spark Therapeutics, inc.

Linda is a keen listener and exudes a warmth and openness that makes her an excellent and supportive coach. She is able to home in on what you're saying (and sometimes what you're NOT saying) and uses thoughtful, guiding questions to help you tap into your own power and agency.