No one who’s managed a team, or an entire organization would say it was easy. Regardless of your years of experience, we all need new tools for the trade and a safe sounding board from outside the organization. Executive coaching provides that for you.

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30+ years as a consultant, certified coach and training facilitator, Experienced program administrator and service provider.

Executives who are coached become more resilient, emotionally intelligent, have better work-life balance, and better able to handle organizational challenges.

Purpose-driven organizations serve a call that goes beyond just the product or service they offer. For them, excellence means adding value to the world.

Executing a mission according to a well-thought-out plan in alignment with their vision and values Creating learning experiences within a culture of growth…

The call to ministry is full of the glory and “the gory.” Few of us are set aside for a season of targeted equipping for the complex challenges we face in ministry as women. Treat yourself to this training under a seasoned, ordained women’s leader and ministry veteran. Listen for God’s direction and guidance as you refine your purpose and make up for what is lacking…


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Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

Strategies to leverage your best assets from racial and ethnically diverse teams, creating dynamic, equitable, inclusive, and innovative workspaces.